The Governing Board of APSSCA is formed as per the
           In accordance to Rule (24) of APSSCA Rules subject to the Memorandum of Association, Rules and Regulations the Board shall have the power:
a) to appoint all categories of officers and staff for conducting the affairs of the Agency consistent with qualifications specified by the Central Seed Certification Board to fix the amount of their remuneration subject to the budget provision, and to define their duties.
b) to enter into arrangement with the Government of India, State Government and other public or private organization or individuals for furtherance of its objectives, for implementation of its programme and for securing and accepting and endowments, grants-in-aid and donations or gifts on mutually agreed terms and conditions.
Provided that the conditions of such grants-in-aid, donation or gifts shall not be inconsistent or in conflict with the objectives of the Agency or with the Provisions of these Rules.
c) to establish and collect fees for services provided by the agency which are not inconsistent with provisions of the Seed Act and Rules or recommendations of the Central Seed Certification Board.
d) to acquire by gift, purchase, lease or otherwise any property movable or immovable which may be necessary or convenient for the purposes of the Agency and to construct alter and maintain any building or buildings for the purposes of the Agency.
e) to draw, make and accept, endorse, discount and negotiate State Government and Government of India and others promissory notes, bills, exchange cheques or other negotiable instruments.
f) to invest the funds of the Agency in such securities or in such manner or as may, from time to time, be determined by the Board and from time to time to sell or transfer such investments.
g) to take over and acquire by purchase, gift or otherwise, from Government and other public bodies or private individuals movable and immovable properties or other funds together with any attendant obligations and engagements not inconsistent with the objects of the Agency. Note. The power under (b), (d)
h) shall be exercised by the Board subject to the condition that the prior approval by the Government of India shall be obtained for accepting any gift or assistance in any form from foreign Governments/organizations and international agencies or for entering into any negotiations or contractual arrangements with term;